Data Scientist empowering Digital Transformation in bricks-and-mortar approaches to business and research; Applied Econometrician enthusiastic of exploring casual problems with scientific rigors; Data App Developer slowly getting to be “full-stacked” by virtue of R Shiny—a revolutionist making data scientists liberated from backend/frontend software engineers!

Professionally, I’m currently working as a Data Product Specialist, who is developing and overseeing data products, at Trial Informatics, a biotech startup in South Korea digitally transforming the way of conducting clinical research.



Data Product Specialist | Trial Informatics, Seoul, South Korea | Oct 2022 - Present

Data Scientist | Datacrunch Global, Seoul, South Korea | May 2022 - Sept 2022

Postdoctoral Researcher | Aalto University School of Business, Espoo, Finland | Sept 2021 - May 2022


PhD in Economics | Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ | Sept 2015 - Oct 2021

MA in Economics | Soongsil University, Seoul, South Korea | Mar 2013 - Aug 2015

BA in Economics | Soongsil University, Seoul, South Korea | Mar 2007 - Feb 2013